Holiday Squad Goals!

It’s beginning to look a lot like shopping! Now that we’ve got all the racing business out of the way until next year, we can concentrate on the proper business at hand. Yes, that’s right – presents! (Some might say getting two wins, sixteen podiums, one pole and a big bundle of points this season are presents enough, but hey, you can never have too many.)

So, with presents to buy for the factory’s annual Secret Santa as well as a team’s worth of loved ones, it’s time to start shopping. The problem is, with so much out there and the clock ticking, it’s not easy to find something to suit everyone. Having the same problem? Here’s a handy guide to some of the likely suspects on your list and the perfect gifts to get them.

1. The Adventurer
While you’re huddled around the fire, wearing three onesies, mittens and watching the season highlights, they’re running outside, yelling “Snow angel selfie!” We recommend a snug layer to keep them cosy because baby, it’s cold outside.

2. The Quiet One
Some folks like to wear their team passion a little more quietly than others. Why not treat the subtle F1 fan in your life to a smart wallet or a nice keyring to keep them topped up with team spirit all year round?

3. The Fashionista
What’s the perfect gift for your fabulous F1 friend who always rocks up at a race in style? Accessories! A bag is always a winner, while a pompom beanie looks awesome with any outfit.  And for the really daring trendsetters – how about a statement pair of treds?

4. The Collector
You know the one. You’re over at their place and you spot their latest toy. “Don’t take it out of the box!” they scream, snatching it from your grasp. Why not get them a model racing car to add to their collection? (And one for yourself, too, if you want to play with it.)

5. The Super Fan
What do you get for the F1 fan who has everything? Easy - even more awesome gear! How about a really bold T-shirt, a cool cap or even a pair of Team trackies? And if all else fails, get them a snazzy umbrella. Because umbrellas never go out of style.  

Still stuck? Our friends at Red Bull Shop have a handy GiftFinder to make the process of present buying a little easier.  Just answer a few questions and the Shop team will select your perfect gifts. Even better, they’re giving you free shipping and extended returns over the festive period, which means that all you need to worry about is enjoying the holiday.