Max Verstappen's Long Haul Playlist

It's fair to say that F1 drivers are superhuman on the track but what about the rest of the time? Do they have a cheeky Nando's on a Tuesday? A lunchtime peek online to see what the Kardashians are up to? Can you find them in the garden on a non-race Sunday, weeding the flower beds like us mere mortals?

Ok, maybe that's a stretch too far (do they even have flower beds? Can driver gardening tips become a thing?) but with all that travel heaped upon them, we were curious to know how they handle the very normal experience of passing the time on a plane during the many flights that an F1 season requires.

With back-to-back jaunts thanks to the Chinese and Bahrain Grand Prix, there's been a fair amount of air time to fill recently, which means a rare chance to switch off for a bit. According to Daniel and Max, a great playlist is the ultimate way to relax when you're spending your day in the clouds.

Max kindly let us nose around his Spotify account to see what's on his long haul playlist at present. Clearly a fan of fresh beats and irresistible hooks, Max's choices are the perfect way to stay chilled when the hours are ticking by. It's also just the kind of playlist you might find on your own Spotify account. Well, he's only human, after all.

Without further ado, check out Max's Long Haul List on Spotify here or below!