Social Silverware

You know how it is when you go back to school after the holiday and the best thing about it is seeing all your mates? That’s kind of how it feels when we’re back on our social channels after the holiday and get to see YOU.

We love social. If we're not throwing out a video on Facebook, we're posting a snap on Instagram, and if we're not doing either of those, we're chatting with you on Twitter. It's far more than just a way to report what we're up to in F1, it's a massive, awesome community.

In 2016, our social channels saw us welcome Max to the team (and subsequently gain his first F1 win), saw Daniel go from strength to strength and ultimately take third in the Drivers' Championship, and saw the Team take a hard-earned second place in the Constructors' Championship. Our #RBWall kept us connected with you throughout an incredible season while our channels enabled us to bring you right to the heart of the action, including through fun fan activations – from our #BigBadBull winner's experiences, to our Come Dine With Me event at the Singapore GP.


So, greeting the new year with a combined community of over 9 million across our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels totally knocked us out. Because it means that all the blood, sweat and tears that we put into our content is worth every hour in the edit suite and every word we've agonized over. 9 million? That's not just social silverware, it's social gold.

FACEBOOK – 6.5 Million Followers

This time last year, we'd just celebrated hitting 5 million. Since then over 1.5 million more of you have put on your wings and joined the team. Facebook is just about the most fun you can have without putting your phone down, isn't it? It's a great home for videos of Max and Daniel doing stuff like completing crazy challenges or for conversations about the serious business of shoeys. And the nicest thing is that you guys really do share the love – whether it's by sharing our posts or sharing your feelings via emojis, our Facebook page is all about the love. (That and seeing how many balloons an F1 driver can pop in 1.92 seconds.)

To see all of the videos in this playlist click here.

TWITTER– 1.5 Million Followers

Twitter is like Marmite for some folks - they love it or they hate it. Us? We love it. Over a race weekend, Twitter lights up like a Christmas tree and spills over with passion, opinions and comedy, which brings the F1 community together time and again. Just seen Daniel pull off an amazing overtake? Tweet it. Can't believe a silver car is on the podium again? Show how you feel with a GIF. (Speaking of GIFs, we had a whole heap of fun with ours last year, which went down a treat with you all.) Reaching a community that has just passed the 1.5 million mark is out of this world - thanks a million to you, our awesome Twitter crew.

INSTAGRAM – 1.1 Million Followers

Who doesn't love Instagram? Apparently you lot aren't shy when it comes to using it as over 1.1 million of you have joined our community. Dipping the Team's toes in the world of selfies and food photos has been superb fun (especially for Daniel, who is something of an Instagram guru) and we had a blast in 2016 posting our favourite snaps, including 50 of our favourite Bullstops around the world. It's also been a great place to bookmark our memories – the podiums, the showcar events and many more.

Without getting too misty eyed (we'll save that for the podiums), we're raising a glass to you lot for sharing each season with us and for being part of an awesome team. Here's to the memories that 2017 will undoubtedly bring.