Spy's Spanish Insights

So, Spain. Glass half-full or glass half-empty? If you ask Dan, he'll say half-full, Max would say half-empty.

Adrian would probably argue that the glass you have is too big and a smaller glass with half the volume would be much more efficient, then forget he was talking to you and wander off to the kitchen with his sketch-pad and a faraway look in his eye.

It was that sort of weekend: yes, a podium, so a satisfied Team packing down on Sunday evening – but also the nagging realisation that Daniel's trouble-free race left him 75s behind the leaders at the chequered flag. Granted he could have been closer had he not been told to look after the engine, and he was half a minute ahead of anyone else – but we generally tend to look ahead, rather than behind (except the lads with a forklift licence, 'cos otherwise that's how accidents happen).

It might seem odd that this was the race where our big upgrade arrived and yet we were so far off the pace* but the upgrade really did its stuff. Max was 0.6s off pole, which is a hell of a lot closer than we've been in recent weeks but, more significantly, the car was far less of a screaming primadonna and worked well across a much wider range of conditions. This bodes well for later in the season if we get competitive horsepower. After the race Daniel summed it up by Tweeting 'Honey badger will take what he can get'. We're all a bit worried that he's started talking about himself (via his alter ego) in the third person. That way lies Zlatan Ibrahimović.

After Max in Sochi, this time it was his turn to have the lonely race, his one likely playmate bundled out at the first turn. That was really bad luck, and very much the sort of thing you file under 'just one of those things': Kimi and Valtteri bumped wheels while racing hard through the first corner, Kimi got nudged into Max and off Max went into the kitty litter. It had 'racing incident' written all over it. There's space for two cars on that line, not three – but this is the sort of advanced applied mathematics that racing drivers avoided by bunking off from school to go karting.

With Max and Kimi stropping back to the paddock and Valtteri joining them at the halfway point, it gave the top of the timesheet a fairly sparse look at the flag. When was the last time you saw a grand prix where everyone up to third was lapped? The gap between the front and the midfield is more of a yawning chasm at the moment.

Top marks to FOM for simultaneously giving us all a good laugh and doing something nice. The TV feed had shown a little boy full of Ferrari fever at the start, bawling his eyes out when Kimi stopped (and, incidentally, if there's anyone on this page by mistake who's never understood what Formula One can do to a person, this is it). Quick thinking of a producer to nip out, collar him and bring him into the motorhome to meet Kimi. Of course, we were all hoping the little lad would give Kimi the full Sinatra and tell him to bugger-off because he was trying to watch the race.

Other shenanigans over the weekend: Lewis bought one of his dogs to the press conference, and being a sensible sort of chap, Roscoe didn't waste any time curling up and falling asleep, a fact not lost on the panel of drivers who wish they were allowed to do the same. The drivers also had a good moan about the hard tyre which made its first – albeit brief – appearance of the season here. It wasn't much use for F1 but if ever one of the WEC teams builds a car that can do Le Mans without a pitstop, that's the tyre to use. Of course, it was drivers moaning about jelly tyres they can't push that led to Pirelli start making them from concrete in the first place. The tyre maker could try sitting the drivers down and explaining that they can't have tyres that let them push forever AND have loads of grip AND have a really wide working range – but it's rather like explaining to a toddler why they can't live entirely on Sugar Puff sandwiches and Quavers.

And on that note, Spy is getting on a plane to go home. Wish I had as much room to myself this morning as Daniel had on Sunday afternoon...

*but thanks for having faith