There’s so much to get excited about this season that lights out in Melbourne can’t come soon enough. Between new regulations, new drivers, new owners and everything else going on, it’s looking set to be a cracker of a year. We’ve already dished up five things but here’s another helping to look forward to in 2017.


1) Hell'eau rouge!
A sea of orange and fans packed to the rafters can only mean one thing – the Belgian GP aka Max's home race. A firm favourite, Spa is well loved not only for its passionate crowd and wonderfully fast and curvy track, but also for its ability to hail the new era of F1 while still evoking the spirit of the golden age of the sport. Since Max's arrival on the grid, Spa has had a new home hero to cheer for and nothing gets the heart pumping harder than that extra special fan boost. We're all looking forward to seeing Max hunt down a home podium this season.

2) Testing times
ICYMI, we were excited as a bunch of excited things today to announce that we'll be unveiling our 2017 challenger, the Red Bull Racing-Tag Heuer RB13, on February 26th, the day before the first test. You know how it is - you can't have a party in the morning and then go and do a day's work. (Ok, you can, but trust us, it's not pretty.) Anyway, we'll be showing off our new beauty and her 2017 livery and then we'll send her out on the track at the legendary Circuit de Catalunya the next day, as fresh as a daisy. We can't wait to witness the first turns of the RB13's wheels on the track!

3) New kids on the block
One of the hottest pre-season talking points has without question been the sport's new owners. With stacks of experience behind them and a very familiar face amongst them, the trio making up the top tier have already given the F1 community plenty to get excited about. As always, F1 is a sport that embraces progression and although opinions are often divided on what works and what doesn't, and on what is necessary and what is not, the signs so far indicate that the new guys have a keen commitment to making the sport even better for F1 fans.

4) For the love of lederhosen
In just under 150 days, the hills around the Red Bull Ring will be alive with the sound of racing once again for the Austrian Grand Prix. It's an intimate yet vibrant race in a beautiful location, plus it's just far enough from MK to feel like a holiday but still near enough that we don't get jet lag. As the Team's home race, it's very much a Red Bull family party and the F1-loving crowd always delivers the warmest of welcomes to all. Naturally, Daniel and Max will have their sights firmly set on the top spot in Spielberg.

5) Gear up for your shoeys
New season? New gear! If you've ever been to the factory, it won't have escaped your notice that members of the Team don't just wear Team issue kit but the rest of the gear too. You can't even go for a snack in the canteen without seeing a DR3 cap or a Max tee, because just like you, the Team lives and breathes F1. Last year, our friends at Puma gave us an awesome kit to hit the trackwalk with and this year they've stepped it up even more. The new kit lands this week so get yourself selfie ready – we can't wait to see you rocking your team colours!

Of course, that's not all there is to look forward to in 2017. There'll be new dramas, new on-track and off-track battles, along with the new podiums, plenty of new gossip and all the brilliant new memories yet to come. Naturally, we'll make sure you don't miss a moment of it on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels. After all, if there's one thing you can be sure of in F1, it's that there's always something to talk about.