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Our live demos take place at racing circuits, on city streets, at festivals and exhibitions. Often playing to crowds measured in hundreds of thousands, they give fans the chance to witness the contained ferocity of a Formula One car at very close quarters. F1 is a great sport for TV, but there's no substitute for the ear-splitting roar of the engine, the haze of tyre smoke and aroma of burning rubber.

Our racing drivers and the Red Bull Junior team take turns to pilot the Live Demo car – but from time to time we've been lucky enough to have special guests behind the wheel: World Champions Alain Prost and Damon Hill have demonstrated the noble art of the doughnut and burnout, and we've also let loose Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise.

We've been to every inhabited continent with the Live Demo team, from cobbled city streets in Europe to baking deserts in the Americas. We've conquered the highest road in the Himalayas, skated on frozen rivers in Canada and drifted across golden Caribbean beaches... but there's always a tougher and more spectacular challenge waiting down the road. Our to do list is endless...

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