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As F1’s most glitzy, ritzy, high-profile race, the Monaco Grand Prix is all about doing things just a little bigger than anywhere else… or in the case of the Energy Station, quite a lot bigger.
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You might almost say gargantuan.
Indeed, the multi-deck, Monaco-spec Energy Station is about as big as grand prix party palaces get. And this year, with our new Holzhaus as the timber-framed centre piece, the Principality’s floating showpiece just got even larger. Just how large? Well, the numbers don’t lie…


It takes a full three weeks, 21 days, to construct the Monaco Energy Station, with the build taking place at the port of Imperia in neighbouring Italy. This year’s task was made even more complex as it was the first time the 1,200 square metre Holzhaus formed the central piece of the puzzle. In all, there’s approximately 3,000 sq metres of floor space on the latest version.


It takes a crew of 70 to build the Monaco Energy Station. That’s almost three times as many as the crew needed to build the regular Energy Station seen at other European races.


Once the Energy Station is constructed on twin platforms, it takes six hours to sail them 40 miles from the Imperia build site to Monaco’s Port Hercule.


Over the course of a flat out, work-hard, play-hard weekend in Monaco we hand out approximately 22,000 cans of Red Bull. It’s called the Energy Station for a reason, you know.
Refreshing Harbour
Refreshing Harbour


There’s no point to a refreshing drink unless it’s to wash down a spectacular meal. Every day in Monaco our kitchens serve up 3,000 meals to hungry team-members, media and guests. On the Monaco Energy Station we have up to four working kitchens, depending on demand – two in the Holzhaus, one on the lower deck and one on the pool deck.


We’re not saying that energy parties are the biggest or best (trust us, they are) but they are definitely the beeriest. We hand out 12,000 cold ones each year, courtesy of our very good friends at Heineken.
Harbour Master I
Harbour Master I


The mornings after the nights before can be pretty demanding in Monaco but the Energy Station crew are always on hand with a restorative cap of Java or two. In fact, they’re on hand to dish out 28,000 cups of coffee to our guests.


While this weekend’s forecast for Monaco isn’t all that special, the sun does come out to play on occasion and it can get pretty toasty on the exposed decks here. The solution: 260 kilos of ice cream. Not all of it is smuggled to Kimi Räikkönen either.
Looking Good
Looking Good